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03 June 2023

By James

Category: Industry

Dangerous Asbestos Found In Birmingham Universities

The University of Birmingham has determined that asbestos is present in its construction.

The information was made public after the law firm Stephensons Solicitors LLP requested it from all universities under the Freedom of Information Act.

Both Birmingham City University and Aston University also verified that asbestos was present in their structures as well as Birmingham University.

106 universities nationwide received the Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

86% of respondents who responded indicated asbestos was a part of their buildings' construction.

Between the 1940s and 1970s, asbestos was frequently used in construction, but it was outlawed in 1999 after it was discovered that breathing in the fibres might result in fatal conditions like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Until it is disturbed, when the fibres are released, the substance is typically regarded as safe.

That may occur, for instance, if a roof is harmed or if ceiling tiles are broken.

Liz Darlison, head of services at Mesothelioma UK, stated that: “As new academic years start for all students the presence of asbestos in educational buildings - from schools, colleges to universities - is an issue we need to address as a national priority."

Liz continued to say about the matter, “Asbestos is still very much a problem in the education sector from primary schools through to universities and unfortunately the number of cases of asbestos related diseases in people who have worked in the sector is increasing."

“The potentially deadly material has been used in all types of buildings and is still present in many primary schools and universities due to aging educational buildings."

"Parents, students, academics, teachers and support staff have a right to know if asbestos is present and what measures are being taken to manage exposure.”

Professional Asbestos Surveys Carried Out Throughout Birmingham

We do asbestos surveys for premises throughout Birmingham and have been helping our clients find and dispose of this dangerous material for many years.

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