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Asbestos Surveys and Reporting

You should protect yourself and mitigate your employees risk of exposure. How? By making asbestos surveys available to them. This is the easiest way to make certain they aren’t putting themselves or others at risk while planning their work duties. Effective asbestos management often starts with an asbestos survey because it helps our clients identify whether or not there are any ACM’s present on their work premises.

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  • All our Surveyors are qualified P402/HSG264 with a minimum 10 years experience. All samples are produced within 48 hours, by an accredited Laboratory licensed by UKAS
  • Asbestos Containing Materials are responsible for approximately 5,000 deaths throughout the U.K. each and every year
  • Deaths may result after employees, contractors, emergency services and tradesmen were exposed to these hazardous materials at their place of work!
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  • You should protect yourself and mitigate your families and employees risk of serious life threatening exposure.

Not only that, you’re assured if other, non-employee, workers come to do any work on your premises they are also not exposed to harmful ACM’s. Protect your employees, limit your risk and make sure you’re aware of the location, extent and condition of all asbestos within your premises.

How do you protect them and yourself?

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We’ll schedule time to have one of our certified and highly experienced professional asbestos surveyors come in to your work premises to do a quick risk assessment test. After one of our surveyors conducts an asbestos survey, which follows all the guidelines set out according to HSG264, a simple calculation is used to arrive at the appropriate recommended action you should take regarding your asbestos. Just so you’re clear, a common misconception is that an asbestos surveyor will always recommend removal of any and all asbestos found on premise after they’ve conducted a survey. This, simply, is not always the case. Sometimes no other action on your part is necessary, however, it’s imperative you know the level of risk you might be exposed to for the sake of your workers, contractors, and anyone else that might do work on your premises.


If you believe or suspect that there maybe some asbestos in the building then you need to ask the following questions:

  • Is your home or work site premises a potential risk?
  • Are there High-Risk hazard of extremely harmful materials in the premises?
  • Could it Asbestos containing materials (ACM) and is is harmful to health?
  • Who should I call? Us, We guarantee your report within 24 hours.