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Asbestos Testing in the UK

Asbestos 247 offers professional solutions for testing of asbestos in the air, housing materials, road asphalt and dust, including:

  • Materials
  • Soils
  • Concrete
  • Water
  • Dust

Asbestos Testing What Is It

Testing for asbestos entails evaluating questionable materials to see if asbestos is present.

Known common asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) include cement, sprayed coatings, insulation board, textured coatings, and pipe lagging.

ACMs that are believed to contain asbestos must be subjected to testing by sending single or bulk samples to an asbestos tester for analysis at a third-party laboratory.

The findings will reveal whether asbestos is present and, if so, what type(s) of asbestos were discovered.

Crocidolite, amosite, and chrysotile are the three most prevalent kinds of asbestos.

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Sampling Asbestos For Analysis

The work of asbestos sampling must be completed before any asbestos testing and analysis of asbestos can be carried out on questionable materials.

In the UK, asbestos sampling DOES NOT call for a licence.

The HSE website states that if the problematic material has already broken off, you are permitted to take the sample yourself as long as there is no chance that you may disseminate any debris or become airborne.

If you decide to take samples yourself, you MUST be sure to do so safely and according to the right steps.

Before sending the sample to a UKAS qualified laboratory, you must dampen it, put it in a self-sealing polythene bag, put it in another self-sealing bag, and name it.

Asbestos Testing Why Do I Need It?

There is no need to test for asbestos if you don't intend to conduct any activity that can disturb items that contain asbestos, such decorating or renovating.

However, you must arrange for testing to be done to verify the presence or absence of asbestos before beginning any work if you intend to perform any sort of remedial work on the property, whether it be a residential or commercial building.

You will need an asbestos survey if you need more specific information on the location, quantity, type, and condition of any a asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), or if you are the duty holder who is in charge of maintaining non-domestic property.

An exact amount of information will be provided by the asbestos survey to enable the creation of an asbestos register, risk assessment, and management strategy.

Sampling and analysis are typically used in asbestos surveys to find the material's presence.

According to your needs we can offer two different types of asbestos surveys, we provide asbestos management surveys and asbestos refurbishment and demolition studies.

We will create an asbestos survey report that summarises our results after an asbestos survey.

You can then use this information to create an asbestos risk register.

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