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08 August 2023

By James

Category: Industry

Asbestos discovery delays demolition at a Liverpool building site

A hazardous material, asbestos. Numerous crippling illnesses can develop as a result of asbestos exposure. Long-term exposure can cause asbestosis or asbestos lung cancer, whereas very short-term exposure can cause mesothelioma and pleural thickening.

Although asbestos was prohibited in the UK in 1999, many structures constructed before that time still contain the hazardous material because a national removal scheme has not yet been implemented.

Simply having asbestos in a building does not guarantee that people will be exposed to it because asbestos is only toxic when it is disturbed or in a poor state of repair. The majority of asbestos issues appear after maintenance, renovation, or demolition work has finished.

An incident like this took place in Liverpool. The 1930s saw the opening of Tuebrook's Carlton Cinema and Coconut Grove nightclub. From then until its closure in 1982, the structure underwent a number of alterations. Since then, the structure has been abandoned, allowed to deteriorate, and become unsightly.

North Point Global, the property's owners, intends to demolish the building, however a survey has found asbestos on the property. This finding could cause a three-month delay in the demolition project while an asbestos removal crew is hired to reduce the threats posed by the substance.

When asbestos is discovered in a structure, it is crucial that it be correctly diagnosed and handled by qualified experts.

Thankfully, the site's owners followed industry standards, which delayed construction and undoubtedly raised expenses but safeguarded the safety of both workers and any bystanders who might have inhaled asbestos dust during demolition work.

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