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31 October 2023

By James

Category: Industry

Nottingham City Council is going to spend £140,000 on asbestos removal from the Guildhall

The sale is to go AHEAD!

Nottingham City Council is allocating £140,000 for the essential removal of asbestos from the historic Guildhall, marking a significant step towards its sale and transformation into a hotel. On January 31, the council approved the funding for the second phase of asbestos removal, focusing on the former district heating plant areas beneath the Guildhall and Trinity House on Burton Street, Nottingham.

The first phase of asbestos removal has been successfully completed, with the council recognising its necessity to facilitate the sale of the Guildhall site. In August 2020, plans for the Guildhall to be redeveloped into a hotel, complete with a fine-dining rooftop restaurant and spa, received approval.

While the hotel plans were tentatively accepted in September, they are still contingent on a Section 106 agreement, which will only be finalised upon the completion of the Guildhall sale. The decision report emphasised that any complications with the sale could substantially impact the council's capital program and debt repayment. The proceeds expected from the building's sale are anticipated to be substantial.

The expenses for this asbestos removal project are being funded from capital reserves, which will subsequently be replenished through the forthcoming sale of the Guildhall. The report clarifies that the former EnviroEnergy plant rooms, which served the Guildhall complex, have already been decommissioned. Due to their location beneath Trinity House, the remaining asbestos and obsolete pipework need to be eliminated.

In addition, the council has entered into a Deed of Surrender with the owners of Trinity House and EnviroEnergy, which is currently undergoing voluntary liquidation. A condition of this deed is the comprehensive removal of all remaining asbestos, as well as redundant mechanical and electrical systems. Importantly, these works will not affect any of the listed elements of the property.

Previously, Nottingham City Council allocated up to £130,000 for structural surveys of the Grade-II listed building, as well as the removal of pigeon droppings, in preparation for its transformation. Pigeon infestations caused damage to listed parts of the property, due to gaps in the building's exterior, necessitating this proactive cleanup and renovation.

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