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Bristol Asbestos Surveyors

A wide variety of asbestos survey types are available from 247 Asbestos Services. Our asbestos surveys, which are UKAS recognised, include management, renovation, and destruction. All of our asbestos surveyors are highly qualified, get ongoing training, and adhere to all advised Health & Safety procedures. We will survey your Bristol property after evaluating the risk to seek for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), notify any findings to the duty holder, and make sure that, where necessary, everything is put back in place in good shape. If asbestos removals are necessary, we can help you locate the best local asbestos removal business in Bristol.

We take pride in working closely with our clients during the planning phase to make sure that our asbestos surveys are carried out according to the standards required. Using the most recent portable tablets, our asbestos survey data is recorded on location and then sent back to our head office for completion. Each report is reviewed and quality controlled by the 247 Asbestos team of quality assessors to guarantee the survey's correctness.

If the substance is disturbed and the dust is released into the air, some people may get terrified when the word "asbestos" is used—and sometimes they should be. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a domestic or business issue, it might be a concern for any property owner in the Bristol area, and they need to discover the issue as soon as possible and hire some qualified asbestos removers to come out and take care of the issue.

The Three Main Types Of Asbestos

Crocidolite, amosite, and chrysotile — commonly known as white, brown, and blue asbestos, respectively—are the three types of asbestos used in the construction of homes. The use of blue and brown asbestos was prohibited in 1985 because they posed the greatest threat to human health. The other variation, white, was forbidden in 1999, with some exceptions. Asbestos initially seems safe and not too hazardous due to its tiny fibres. However, problems may arise if it is inhaled after being discharged into the air, particularly if the chemical is exposed for an extended period of time. Extreme caution must be exercised when renovating buildings, and a qualified Asbestos Surveyor like us should be hired to look over the property and offer any recommendations. The issue can be particularly severe when buildings are being renovated because the work done there may disturb some asbestos material into the air and the workers may not be aware of the issue or risk to their health.

If you are worried that your building has unsafe amounts of asbestos, give us a call at 0330 097 3369, so we can help you decide the best course of action to take. Since we are the experts who can complete the project correctly the first time, we would appreciate your call and hope to hear from you soon.

Professional Surveyors Who Are Well Trained and Experienced!

If you think your building might contain asbestos or are unclear of the situation, we have the skills and training to help you stay safe from potentially harmful material. We can visit the location and perform a comprehensive survey to ascertain whether the condition constitutes a risk to the general public's health and what needs to be done to resolve it.

Asbestos Management Survey For Our Clints

An asbestos management survey aims to identify the extent and presence of asbestos-containing materials inside the structure as accurately as is reasonably possible. The Asbestos Management Survey is applicable to the management of asbestos in homes, commercial and industrial properties, rentals, sales, and remortgages. A survey of your property is conducted to look for asbestos and after this survey a report on asbestos is created using this data. Non-domestic buildings are required to keep an asbestos register or report any asbestos-containing materials, ACMs found during the initial survey.

Your property is not damaged during this survey, which includes the following information:

Latest Asbestos News In The Bristol Area

Company and Director Punished for Putting Workers at Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which uncovered a number of flaws and concerns related to considerable amounts of asbestos-containing materials on the premises, a woodworking company and its director were fined.

The asbestos insulating board lining the building was discovered to be in extremely poor condition, with many panels having substantial damage, according to testimony presented before Bristol Crown Court on August 10, 2016, during an unannounced visit to a workshop on Moravian Road in Bristol. A licenced contractor must remove the asbestos materials, and enforcement notifications were filed requiring the hazards to be controlled.

Following up on the inspection, inquiries revealed that the business and its director Wayne Braund had neglected to carry out an adequate assessment to determine whether asbestos was present and to take the necessary steps to ensure that any risks associated with the asbestos materials were controlled. In order to give the impression that the asbestos materials would be removed by a qualified, licenced contractor, they manufactured faked documentation.


In response to a charge brought against it by Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, Stairs2U (Bristol) Limited of The Old Bus Depot, Moravian Road, Bristol entered a guilty plea. The business received a £25,000 penalties.

To a charge brought against him under Section 37 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Wayne Braund of Fieldgrove Lane, Bitton, Bristol, entered a plea of guilty. He was given a six-month prison term with an 18-month suspension and told to pay £25,000 in fees.

After the hearing, Stacey Gamwell, an HSE inspector, said: "The risks associated with asbestos-containing materials are well known and advice and guidance is freely available from HSE. Duty holders are required to manage the risks from asbestos in any non-domestic premises and ensure that a suitable and sufficient assessment is undertaken to identify asbestos-containing materials and ensure that any risks are controlled. “

“Employers should not undertake any work with asbestos materials which exposes their employees to asbestos unless the risks have been assessed and relevant control measures have been implemented. Work associated with many categories of asbestos materials including those in this case may only be undertaken by a suitably licenced asbestos removal contractor under stringent procedures.”

For additional offences that the Fire Service brought charges for, Mr. Braund received a 12-month prison term with an 18-month suspension. Along with the fine and costs, he received a £25,000 penalty.