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Asbestos Surveyors Operating Throughout Leicestershire

For commercial properties in Leicester, 247 Asbestos Services provide top-notch asbestos inspections to help building owners manage any potentially dangerous asbestos that may be present. For a portfolio of properties, we furthermore provide multi-site surveys.

Along with asbestos surveys, we provide properties in Leicester with a variety of asbestos compliance services, including asbestos management, testing, training, and advice, all of which are carried out by specialists.

For many years, 247 Asbestos Services have developed connections with both new and existing clients, offering significant information and support to people throughout our asbestos assessments.

Our managing director, who serves as a principal surveyor, collaborates with 247 Asbestos Services' senior surveyor to manage commercial property portfolios, ensuring that clients receive a comprehensive service.

Assisting companies to adhere to asbestos regulations

An asbestos survey is a risk assessment approach that entails taking samples from your Leicester property and analysing them in a lab. In order to collect enough samples for the tests, our skilled crew will carefully investigate every area of the property. Such a survey is performed to ascertain whether your building contains asbestos-containing components or not.

If you need an asbestos survey in Leicester, our neighbourhood asbestos surveyors are in a great position to provide first-rate services with locating asbestos problems.

247 Asbestos Services is a nearby company that offers all forms of asbestos testing and surveying services and is completely UKAS accredited.

We are able to deliver services quickly, at low prices, and to the highest standards of quality thanks to the use of our private laboratories.

We don't perform asbestos removals as an independent asbestos consultancy; instead, we concentrate on the areas of our expertise that set us apart from the rest of the competition in the realm of asbestos surveys. . Our clients can rest certain that we offer completely unbiased advice and only make suggestions that we believe are in your best interests.

Can Asbestos Be Dangerous To Health?

A fibrous silicate material with high heat resistance, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It is composed of tiny threads that are airborne and offer a serious health risk if inhaled over an extended period of time. However, the building industry continues to use this substance, which annually results in thousands of illnesses.

Long-term exposure to microfibres increases the risk of developing lung cancer and lung illness at high exposure levels. Since the majority of people aren't even aware that it's in their homes, knowledge of this substance is crucial to consumer education. To make matters worse, a lot of people are unaware of the quantities of this hazardous substance to which they are routinely exposed.

Areas We Cover In The Leicester Area

We offer specialised asbestos services in and around Leicester and the East Midlands, 247 Asbestos Services provides coverage for the following areas:

Anstey, Aylestone, Bagworth, Beeby, Belgrave, Billesdon, Blaby, Broughton Astley, Burton On The Wolds, Braunstone, Braunstonetown, Countesthorpe, Desford, East Goscote, Enderby, Evington, Glenfield, Great Glen, Groby, Hamilton, Houghton On The Hill, Humberstone, Kibworth Harcourt, Kilby Bridge, Knighton, Markfield, Mountsorrel, Narborough, Newbold Verdon, Newfoundpool, Newton Linford, Northfields, Oadby, Rushey Mead, Seagrave, Stoney Stanton, Stoneygate, Syston, Thurcaston, Thurmaston, Westcotes, Wigston.

Services we offer for asbestos surveys in the Leicester area.

Asbestos Management Survey in Leicester - professional guidance on asbestos management

Fast asbestos identification before renovation or construction is undertaken.

Asbestos Demolition Survey - Expert surveys to find asbestos on demolition sites.

After asbestos was placed in Leicester streets, investigators made an appeal.

Streets of Leicester

The city council's environmental crime team were looking into two incidents that involved asbestos that were illegally dumped in Leicester's city centre earlier this month. The first incident happened on or about November 7 back 2011 at Thurnby Lodge Boys Club, and the second one happened a week later in Freeman Road North. In both instances, corrugated asbestos material in large sheets was left smashed up and sealed in plastic bags.

Sarah Russell the assistant city mayor councillor and stated: “The dumping of asbestos material in public places like this is highly irresponsible and a matter we treat very seriously." and went on to say, “There are strict guidelines about the way asbestos material is disposed of and the implications of not following these guidelines can lead to a prosecution.”

Paul Rudkin, the council's enforcement officer, had issued an appeal to members of the public who had asbestos removed to come forward with any information.

Call Leicester City Council at 0116 252 7001 and leave a message for the environmental crime squad if you have any information on illegally dumping of asbestos related materials.

Address: City Hall. Leicester City Council, 115 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1FZ

Leicester Asbestos News

Leicester Born Builder Dies From Asbestos Exposure.
For more information, please read our news page on this sad matter and other news on the asbestos industry.

If you own a property in Leicester and need our services here is what we offer:

There are 3 forms of asbestos that we frequently encounter in our daily surveys with clients.

These are called crocidolite, amosite, and chrysotile. The level of risk associated with asbestos products varies depending on the kind of material and asbestos content.

Asbestos Collection

A hazardous material is asbestos. Make sure you know how to get rid of any asbestos after it has been removed. You can transport asbestos that has been removed from your home to the Household Recycling and Disposal Centre (the Tip), but only in limited quantities that are safely packaged and cause harm to any member of the public or people working at the tip. An appointment is required before disposal.

This does not include asbestos that develops as a result of a trader's work. The trader is required by law in certain circumstances to remove the waste.